The Season After the News

During his Freshman year at Mississippi State, Dak’s mother, Peggy found out she had colon cancer. She waited a few months to tell Dak because she did not want to distract her son. The disease took a toll on Peggy’s body but her spirit was undeterred. Sadly, in November of 2013 Peggy lost her battle to Colon cancer and passed away. Dak took three days to be away from the team to grieve then returned. Dak was extremely saddened but his mother would not have wanted him to miss a lot of time away from school and the game. Prescott began his sophomore season as the backup to Russell again in 2013. Dak took over as the starter when Russell suffered an injury. Prescott played in 11 games, completing 156-of-267 passes for 1,940 yards with 10 touchdowns. He also ran for 829 yards on 134 carries with 13 touchdowns. He was the MVP of the 2013 Liberty Bowl after leading the Bulldogs to a 44–7 win over the Rice University Owls. His 2013 season performance ranks seventh in passing yards (1,940), tied for fifth in rushing touchdowns (13), and fourth in total yards (2,769) and total touchdowns (23) for Mississippi State. Following the season, he was named to the 2013 SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll, an accomplishment his late mother would have been proud of.


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  1. It’s really easy to see the players on the field and to forget about what they could potentially have going on in their personal lives. Dak showed a lot of perseverance through adversity and just like you said, his mother would have been proud.


  2. Really is a sad story to hear let alone go through. Prescott shows that perseverance is key. I admire the man for not leaving the game and striving for the dreams his mom had set for him. Great man and unbelievable football player. Can’t wait to see what he does in the up coming season.

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