Training Camp

Dak Prescott went from being the quarterback with the most wins all time in Mississippi State History to a 4th round draft pick. The Cowboys had 3 quarterbacks to start the 2016 season. They were Tony Romo, Kellen Moore, and Dak Prescott. Tony Romo has been the guy in Dallas. Tony Romo has been great for Dallas and has played for the Dallas Cowboys for 10 seasons. The Dallas Cowboys did draft Dak because Romo has had injury issues over his career. Adding Dak to the mix was a move made to further the quarterback depth on the roster. However, Dallas did not draft Dak to be the starting quarterback right away. Tony Romo was their guy. Training camp is a couple weeks in the summer to run plays and get familiar with the team before the season starts in August and preseason games begin. Dak was the third string quarterback throughout training camp. However, one practice the second string, Moore, got hurt and Romo took a day off to rest. There it was a chance for Dak to get reps with the first team. Although, this opportunity didn’t mean he was going to start he took confident reps and performed well which started some chatter in Dallas, about “this Prescott Kid”. At the end of training camp Mark Sanchez was signed because Moore had a serious injury and Dak became the second string quarterback. In the preseason most NFL veterans do not play a lot to preserve their body. Romo wasn’t going to play much, so week 1 preseason against the new team, the Los Angeles Rams, Dak Prescott was named the starter.dak-prescott-training-camp-no-helmet


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