Week 1 vs The LA Rams

rams cowboysThe first game of the 2016 NFL season was the new Los Angeles Rams vs the Dallas Cowboys. The game was held at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Dallas received the ball and Lucky Whitehead, a wide receiver, catch the opening kick-off and returned the kick all the way back for a touchdown. Many were excited to see what Dak Prescott would do on his first NFL drive but those would have to wait until after a Rams possession which ended in a punt. Then the Dallas Cowboys offense came out onto the field. Dak Prescott’s first drive went well, he threw 5 out of 6. He completed passes to Dez Bryant and Cole Beasley for big gains on the drive. Then in the red zone for the 10-yard line Dak threw a back shoulder throw to Dez Bryant. That was Prescott’s first NFL touchdown pass and put the cowboys up 14-0 in the first quarter. The Rams responded and Cunningham ran in a touchdown. To start the 2nd quarter Dak threw a 32-yard go route to Terrance Williams for another Dallas touchdown. The score was now 21-7. After both touchdowns Dak threw he looked up and pointed up to his Mother in heaven, he has done this since he lost his mother in college. Dak was taken out at halftime and replaced by Saunders. In the preseason multiple players, will get reps and veterans don’t play or play very little. The Cowboys went on to lose the game 24-28 but Dak Prescott’s NFL debut was very impressive and was praised by many NFL analysts the next morning.


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  1. I believe I tuned in for this game! Not the biggest Cowboys fan but wanted to see how Dak would do! I hadn’t heard that about his mother. It’s a sad thing to here, but I’m glad he does something in remembrance of her. Thanks for sharing!


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