Next Man Up!


In the cowboys third preseason game of the season. Tony Romo, the 36-year-old veteran quarterback, entered the game. He was hit by Cliff Avril on the third play of the game on the road against the Seattle Seahawks. Romo has had back surgery twice before. After Romo was hit he rolled around in pain before he was taken off the field. Romo said later that he was fine, but he was replaced by Dak Prescott for the rest of the game. Prescott finished the game throwing 17 out of 23 for 116 yards in the loss to Seattle. The hit on Tony Romo’s back looked bad, because It was bad. On August 27, 2016, it was announced that Romo is expected to miss 6-10 weeks with a broken bone in his back. It meant that those Cowboys fans who had been clamoring for the Dak Prescott era to begin sooner than later will be getting their wish. For Romo, the best-case scenario based on the initial estimate means he’d be back by Week Five at the earliest, for a game against the Bengals. Under the worst case, he’d be back in for Week Nine, versus the Browns. Dallas has a Week Seven bye. Meanwhile, the preseason was ending in a week. The underrated rookie, Dak Prescott, was the first string quarterback for the start of the 2017 regular season.


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  1. I remember watching this happen and thinking to myself there goes another cowboys season. But after watching him play in his first few starts you never wanted him to stop and now we will never have to with Romo retiring Dak has the cowboys to himself and I can’t wait to see the great things he does for the franchise!


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